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Ooze is the fifth game of NES version of Action 52.

Gameplay Edit

You play as a green person dodging "ooze". The B button is used to jump. However; holding the button will lock the character jumping vertically, therefore to jump over gaps B must only be tapped then moving the D-Pad. The A button is used to fire the weapon.

Manual Information Edit


Avoid the green ooze.

Trivia Edit

  • Around 1992, the creators of Action 52 had a contest where a player had to take a picture of a code after they've completed Level 5. If they did, the first player to do it would earn $104,000 USD. However; Ooze crashes after beating level 2; making it impossible to win. The code appears to be 7A3H9JOP2R4A2C7S.
  • There are also more beta screens, such as a Level 8, which takes place outside instead of inside, and has a 1UP.
  • Upon starting Action 52, when the menu is loaded Ooze will always be highlighted instead of the obvious first game on the list.

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