Cheetahmen II was a sequel being worked on in the year 1992, however it was cancelled and 6 of 10 proposed levels were made, which the game was never officially released. In 1996, however, 1,500 copies of the game were located in a warehouse, and eventually put on sale on the secondary market. All copies of the game were reused Action 52 cartridges, some with a small gold sticker reading "Cheetamen II" in it. This cartridge is now very rare and hard to find, though numerous ROM images of it exist on the Internet.


In Cheetahmen II the player again assumes the role of one of the three Cheetahmen (Aries, Apollo and Hercules); after defeating a boss at the end of the second level, they switch to the next Cheetahman for the following two levels, as in the Action 52 version. Due to a bug, it is impossible to get to the levels in which one plays Cheetahman Aries without altering the ROM image or experiencing a glitch that very rarely starts the game on these two levels.

Trivia Edit

  • It was suppost to have 10 levels but it was cancelled and only 6 levels were made
  • The last 2 level's backgrounds were actually re-used from Level 2 and Level 3 background
  • Unlike the jumping glitch in the first Cheetahmen game and which you die if you go to the top, Cheetahmen II however actually doesn't let you die when you get the top while using the jumping glitch.
  • One thing noticable is that in the first Cheetahmen game, it starts with Aries, Hercules, and ends with Apollo, however with Cheetahmen II, they go the opposite, which it starts with Apollo, Hercules, and ends with Aries instead.
  • There was a fixed version which fixes all the glitches, sprites and even fixes the glitch of which in the fix version, after you defeat the boss in level 4, it just takes you to level 5 instead of the actual version mostly making you stuck after defeating the boss in level 4

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