The Genesis version of Cheetahmen is the 13th game of the genesis version of Action 52.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike the NES version of Cheetahmen. The Sega Genesis one instead has the same background on all levels, and you need to collect Cheetah Icons from trees or ground areas, and battle snakes and bats as you try to get the Cheetah Icons. In level 1 you play as Hercules, then Apollo in level 2, and finally Aries in level 3. Finally, after those 3 levels, the game is beaten.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only Cheetahmen game with a completely different music track
  • It is also the only one to have no storyline.
  • It is the shortest Cheetahmen game, by having only 3 levels, and the hardest Cheetahmen game as well.
  • It's also the only Cheetahmen game which you play as a different Cheetahman after one level, while the others you play as a different Cheetahman after 2 levels.

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